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Programs - Making the Musical

Making the Musical 

(April - June 2019)

Making the Musical is an 8 week program that takes place one day a week after school and includes 8 sessions. Children will collaborate over the 8 week period to create a musical. The Making the Musical program will teach kids the entire process of making a musical, from creating and writing the musical to completing the performance.

This 8 session program involves the following focussed classes;

1. Script Writing and choosing musical works 

2. Character Development

3. Prop Making and Creating Art 

4. Costume Design 

5. Set Design 

6. Perfecting the Performance

7. Dress Rehearsal

8. Musical Performance

The goal is to teach through creativity and empowerment. Children learn and participate though the creative process of making a musical from idea to execution while building confidence in themselves and social skills while in a collaborative setting. Children will be exposed to each aspect of the process and encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas and creativity!

The last day of the session the children will perform their original Musical Performance for the enjoyment of family and friends! 

For more information, or to find out if we are at a school near you: