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Our Story

Wondering what to do with the ever growing pile of the finest art created by your favourite kiddo? We have created a fun framework for our community to celebrate art, preserve art and share art whilst engaging in socially conscious messaging and generosity.

For every kiddo art t-shirt (or customizable item) you create and purchase the equivalent value is donated to a kiddo in need.

Kiddo Life is a labour of love... inspired by a parent wishing to capture the beauty of childhood by both empowering our kiddos, celebrating their stories and interests while inspiring sharing and giving to kiddos from all walks of life, near and across the globe.

To add to the fun, we have a growing community of cool kiddo stuff, book & toy reviews, content, kiddo friendly recipes, exclusive kiddo products and promotions. Check out the Blog regularly for updates.

We are working with a few of our favourite charities who will facilitate distribution of funds raised by our Kiddo Life artists.


Our Shirts 

Our shirts are produced in Los Angeles. 


The Kiddo

You, the kiddo submit your art for our art gallery (with the help of a parent) and you use this message inspired art to create your own t-shirt. You choose the colour and size of shirt for your work of art. There is no limit to how many times you can use your art, be it for multiple shirts for you, or perhaps you want to create shirts for your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, parents, friends or even grandparents! 

Once created, and payment is processed you will receive your shirt in 3-5 business days and 35% of the value of your purchase is donated to a charity within our umbrella (you do get to select the charity). We suggest signing your name (just your first) on your works of art, as well as indicating your home city and age (so its on your t-shirt). 

Once you produce one t-shirt, you become a Kiddo Life Artist and can continue to order t-shirts using new art work (yours), your past works of art, or existing art in our art gallery created by other kiddos. 

Of course, you are always welcome to share your ideas, experiences and stories in our kiddo community (the Blog)!


The Back Story

Kiddo Life was launched with the goal of helping the millions of Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and caregivers striving to provide an amazing journey for the child they love and cherish. We are inspired by our own kids, our kids today will grow into the future of tomorrow. Through creativity, our mission is to open a discussion with our kids around how they can help define tomorrow by empowering and socializing an awareness of key messages, giving, sharing and need in our community and afar.

Kiddo Life is conceptualized by a Mum of a little boy. She saw an opportunity to transform children's message rich 
artistic masterpieces into fashion. This is a vehicle that will empower her own little one by both celebrating his creative side and teaching him appreciation for his own life by building an awareness of social needs and the importance of giving and generosity. Our intent is that this platform is a catalyst for developing awareness for both key social messages and compassion.

Kiddo Life is a business who's singular goal is to be a conduit for kids (powered by their art tees) giving to children's charities whilst sharing their art, their ideas, stories and all things kid.


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The Charities

We have partnered with local and global charity groups who will be the recipients of our donations. Once your t-shirt (or customized item) is created and ordered 35% of the value of the order will be given directly to children's charities.