Our Story

Wondering what to do with the ever growing pile of the finest art created by your favourite kiddo? We have created a fun framework for our community to celebrate art, preserve art and share art whilst engaging in socially conscious generosity.

For every kiddo art t-shirt you create and purchase a free copy is donated to a kiddo in need.

Kiddo Life is a labour of love... inspired by a parent wishing to capture the beauty of childhood by both empowering our kiddos, celebrating their stories and interests while inspiring sharing and giving to kiddos from all walks of life, near and across the globe.

To make it FUN, we have a growing community of cool kiddo stuff, book & toy reviews, forums, content, kiddo friendly recipes, exclusive kiddo products and promotions. Enjoy!

Thus, Tees for tees is born.

We are working with a few of our favourite charities who will facilitate distribution of these art t-shirts to kiddos with limited resources locally and in developing communities.

Our Shirts 

Our shirts are produced sweatshop free in New York state. Employees are paid living wages

The Kiddo

You, the kiddo submit your art for our art gallery (with the help of a parent) and you are able to create your own t-shirt using your very own favourite works of art! You choose the colour and size of shirt for your work of art. There is no limit to how many times you can use your art, be it for multiple shirts for you, or perhaps you want to create shirts for your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, parents, friends or even grandparents! 

Once created, and payment is processed you will receive your shirt in 3-5 business days and another shirt is sent to a child within (you do get to select the charity) our charity umbrella. We suggest signing your name (just your first) on your works of art, as well as indicating your home city and age (so its on your t-shirt). It would be quite special for a kiddo on the other side of the world, or city to receive a t-shirt in kind knowing just a wee bit about its' artist! 

Once you produce one t-shirt, you become a Kiddo Life Artist and can continue to order t-shirts using new art work (yours), your past works of art, or existing art in our art gallery created by other kiddos. 

Of course, you are always welcome to share your ideas, experiences and stories in our kiddo community!