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Kiddo Life at Home

Charity birthday parties

Charity birthday parties are a growing interest!  Children ages 5+ begin to engage in charity birthdays in many places across North America.


Kiddo Life is an excellent centre point for home based birthday parties!  The children can create art and they have a choice of personalizing their own baseball cap, shirt, tote bag, iPhone case, apron or pillow. Instead of a party bag, the children get to go home knowing that their custom made wearable art will be delivered and they can wear or enjoy in ‘a weeks time’!


We will regularly post art projects and ideas which would be a perfect project for your next birthday party! You will find the directions, tips and templates here to facilitate a kid focused piece of art suitable for for our wearables or accessories.

How To have a Kiddo Life Birthday Party




Create your Art T-SHIRT with an adult!
Every day, children create works of art they are proud of. Sharing these creations with their loved ones helps them build confidence and celebrate creativity.  

At Kiddo Life, we’ve made it our mission to display these pieces of art on different mediums so children can gift their creations to loved ones. Many Kiddo Life customers also think the shirts, apparel and accessories are an excellent gift idea the child can use for parents, grandparents, friends or siblings. Since Kiddo Life donates 35% of the purchase price to charity, it is an opportunity to educate our children about the importance of altruism and giving to those in need. Kiddo Life even provides the opportunity for children to choose the charity to which they want to give.

At Kiddo Life, we also like to use this as a learning opportunity to help children understand that not everyone is born with equal opportunity and that a large portion of this world’s children do not have access to basic necessities. We believe that the Kiddo Life experience is also the perfect opportunity to discuss how even the smallest actions can cause positive ripple effects in the world.


Create your Art Shirt at Home