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How to submit your art to Kiddo Life


(The Manual Way)... on the landing page you will find a link to our online uploader. If you would prefer to have our team build your shirt, we are happy to help! 


We will work to ensure your artwork is up within hours of your submission and your t-shirt order is well on its way to you! For seamless uploading please ensure the following criteria are considered:

1. Image is 300dpi - When photographing the artwork (with your phone) do so at the highest resolution.
2. The first name, age and city are included in the submission
3. Contact information (email & phone number) with which we are able to connect with you, should we have questions about the artwork, or have issues with uploading the artwork
4. Indicate; Will be ordering your shirt with your art, or other art shared within our kiddo community
5. Artwork must be on 8.5x11'' white paper
6. Consent that you acknowledge that the artwork uploaded may be used by other customers of to order and purchase t-shirts
7. Any questions, we are happy to answer! 

Please email your favourite art work, and questions to