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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Image preparation

1. Are any other files accepted? For instance if I took a photo of the art work and uploaded it from my phone, would that be accepted? 

Yes. You can definitely take a picture of the art work and upload it. You might want to edit the image using GIMP or an editor of your choice to ensure the image is print ready. Alternatively, you can upload an edited image. 

2. You will receive a proof of your image before it is sent off for printing to ensure you are satisfied with the final result. You will have 24 hours to approve and indicate the requirement for necessary editing.

3. We do offer an art service (for a fee $9) - so once your image is uploaded you can elect to have our creative gurus prepare your awesome t-shirt to ensure nothing is missed, details are optimized and your t-shirt is looking its finest possible. Upon uploading your image, you will see this section and have an opportunity to send us a note with your image.


  • Gifting

1. Is it possible I Can give a 'Kiddo Tee' as a birthday gift?

Of course! Give the gift of charity for your next birthday gift. Kiddo Life's Tee for Tee is an excellent opportunity for someone to create their t-shirt masterpiece whilst embracing the true essence of giving and sharing. When giving the gift of a Tee for Tee, your will give your recipient a promo code which is used in lieu of payment. This facilitates the same process as though they were purchasing. Just the same, the recipient charity is selected and the equivalent (of a t-shirt) in cash is donated. 


  • The Final Product 

1. Can I select where my shirt goes?

Yes! Once the design process is completed, you will have an option to select one of the charities we have listed as a recipient of your donation of cash in lieu of a T-shirt.

2. Do I find out where my shirt goes? 
Yes! You will have the opportunity to select the charity of choice in your order process.
3. Do I find out if someone else has ordered my child's art? 
No. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to connect with you to let you know where your art is going - if it has been purchased by someone else know that a lucky charity will be the recipient of your artwork!  Once you submit your art, and produce your shirt a copy of your artwork will be featured in our gallery with your age and first name. In the future we plan to input connectivity to keep you in the loop when your art is purchased by others