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Art Club by Kiddo Life

Art Club by Kiddo Life is after school program which caters to a range of kids which is accessible through elementary schools and community centres. We are offering programs that commence moments after the school bell rings. Our programs provide both an excellent creative experience whilst providing after school care.

Our programming is accessible to all levels of youth creative, from the newly curious to those interested in taking their artistic skills to the next level. 

Diverse Art Mediums, Age Appropriate Lessons 

From drawing to painting, sculpture to mixed media, music and acting our instructors teach a wide variety of mediums every month. Each class is something new! With such diversity, your child will learn a little bit of everything. Specialty materials fees are included in the session price.

Our visual and musical arts curriculum is designed to engage your child’s enthusiasm for creative art projects while developing crucial motor skills, language development and creative risk taking. Curriculum and creative projects change each session,  no two sessions are the same!


Our teachers are all accredited teachers with specialty in fine art education.


We run our art classes out of schools from 3-6pm and community centres around Calgary.


We run 8 and 10 session courses that range from 75-90 minutes.

(Includes all materials) Please bring a sketch book (9x12''), drawing pencil and eraser.

We offer sibling discounts and friend referrals.


A portion of each students' registration in Art Club is donated back to their School Council. Alike a portion is donated to kid focused community groups focused on engaging children in the arts. 


Current Class 

Making the Musical 

(February / March 2019)

Kids will collaborate over the session to create a musical. This includes taking the kids through the entire process from creating and writing the story to completing a performance.

This session involves
1. Script writing / Music

2. Prop making / Art

3. Costume design

4. Character development

5. Set design

6. Performance


The goal is to teach through creativity and empower children to learn and participate though the creative process of making a musical from idea to execution. Kids will be exposed to each aspect of the process and encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas and creativity!

At the end of each session, on the last day of the session the kids will put on their one of a kind musical for the enjoyment of family and friends who are able to attend! 

For more information:

403 690 5775