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About Us

Kiddo Life is a charitable giving company, powered by art through empowering our children to both share their message and partake in charitable giving. 

We are dedicated to helping children find and value their voice through the act of creating art which serves to strengthen society as a whole.

The Kiddo Life social awareness and giving model integrates within organizations such as schools (grade 1-12), community groups, community associations, churches and sports teams. We have a format for each type of organization that will facilitate the group of kids to create a moment by painting message driven art as a collective, print the art on shirts (or any clothing / apparel item) for each respective artist. For every item created and purchased, the exact value will be put forth to charity that is relevant to the messaging. We can facilitate an option for the funds raised to be reverted back to your organization for fundraising initiatives. 

We want to facilitate a platform for which our kids can be socially conscious and donate accordingly thanks to their artistic creations. While at the same time using this opportunity so the kids can fund raise for their own initiatives within the school.